Clinical Recruitment

Training and Education

Liverpool Clinical Laboratories is able to provide a wide range of educational and training experiences for schools, undergraduate students and potential scientific and medical recruits to the professions.

Cellular Pathology Training

Schools and Colleges

  • Educational visits are encouraged by schools and colleges providing post-16 education.
  • We encourage educational visits by other healthcare professionals.

Undergraduate health care scientists

  • Education and training for health care scientists and students studying biomedical science as part of a co-terminus degree.

Other health care scientist career development

  • Opportunities for biomedical scientists in the form of specialist portfolios, extended practice and advanced practitioner training.
  • Opportunity for further educational attainment in the form of MSc and other higher degrees.
  • Non state registered scientific support staff are encouraged to undertake further study.

Undergraduate medical and dental students

  • We offer formal lectures, virtual microscopy, clinical discussions and on-site practical and research studies for undergraduate students at the University of Liverpool, mainly those in years 1, 2 and 3 of the medical course, and years 2, 3 and 4 of the dental course.

Postgraduate, professional training for future pathologists

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